Symphony diet 22i 22 litre air cooler with remote white

The 3-wat speed control of the air cooler is amazing and it works quietly. The best air cooler in India is portable, needs minimal installation and maintenance and is suitable for extremely hot conditions. Since precooled air goes through in the second stage, in this type of cooler the humidity will be less.

Air coolers are rated by air delivery or the cubic feet per minute of air that the cooler can blow into your home.

There are multiple leading brands such as Bajaj and Symphony manufacture models having superior features for adjusting humidity and can be used in moist coastal regions as well. The water tank is a key part of a cooler and the bigger the tank, the greater amount of time the cooler is able to operate before the tank needs refilling.

Cooling and Airflow Capacity: Apart from climate facet, even the cooling pads used back to the competence. It is equipped with a 9 litre water tanks and can cool efficiently in an area of up to 23 cubic meters with ease. This reduces the loss of cooling from the cooler. The cooler completes 6 months in our home but till now when starts, it cools the room in only 15 to 20 minutes.

Unlike 2 speed coolers in the past now the coolers give multiple speed options which can be controlled via regulator or remote, this help specially at night if the environment becomes cold. That's when a cooler can come to the rescue, reducing the room temperature around you and making the workplace environment more tolerable.

It has a powerful motor and consumes very little electricity.

Symphony Diet 22i 11 to 20 Tower White

In areas where water supply is not constant, this may not be a feasible option. The water takes up the heat from the outside air and it evaporates. It is quite sleek and compact unlike other regul Was this review helpful? This type of air cooler is most effective in introducing moisture to dry air indoors, and as a result assists in lowering air temperature and increasing humidity.

Water Tank capacity: Finally it's worth thinking about the environmentally friendly aspect of evaporative air coolers - they use water only, as opposed to chemical coolants used in air- conditioning units. Henceforth if more water evaporates, the air will be cooler.

Symphony Air Cooler DIET22I

Read more Summer time in India is not at all by any means pleasant. Air conditioners can control temperature which an air cooler cannot do.

Have you used this product? Power consumption: Adjustable Air Cooling This air cooler from Symphony can be easily controlled with a remote. This cool air is then directed inside the room. Symphony Diet 12i Air Cooler has specially designed grill for maximum air delivery and powerful air throw.

The water tank can hold up to 12 liter of water in one go. Helping you find the ideal Portable Air Cooler.

DiET 22i No Outlet Portable Air Cooler with Remote Control

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Also they do not use excessive amounts of electricity, as is the case with most air conditioners which cost around 7.Symphony Sumo Litre Air Cooler (White)-For Large room: Buy Wholesale Symphony Sumo Litre Air Cooler (White)-For Large room at best prices in India.

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The Symphony DiET 22i evaporative air cooler is a sleek and stylish unit. which thrives on very little energy and has an air throw of 25 feet and with an 18 litre tank capacity, cools up to sq. ft. These chic models need very little space and are quiet running units. Symphony Sumo Litre Air Cooler (White)-For Large room Dura-pump technology, cool flow dispenser and powerful air throw With castors, trolley not required.

Symphony DiET 22i Evaporative Air Cooler

Symphony Diet 22T 22 Litre Air Cooler (White) Choose offer. Added to wishlist Removed from wishlist 0. Symphony Diet 35i Litre Air Cooler with Remote (White)-For Medium room. Best deal at: ₹ 11, Choose offer.

Added to wishlist Removed from wishlist 0 - 9%. Symphony Diet 35T 35 Litre Air Cooler (White) – with i-Pure Technology.


Best deal at: ₹ 9, Description Specification. White.

Symphony DiET 22 Manuals

The Symphony DiET 22i evaporative air cooler has an air throw of 36 feet and with a 22 litre tank capacity, which will cool an area up to sq. ft. Symphony Diet 22i Litre Air Cooler with Remote (White)-For small room Large Storage Capacity With Impressive Air Throw The compact Symphony Diet 22i tower cooler .

Symphony diet 22i 22 litre air cooler with remote white
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